Indexed Finance


  • Weight - The proportion of a pool's total value which a token represents.
  • Denormalized Weight - The denormalized weight value. Solidity does not have good handling for fixed point numbers, so the contracts uses denormalized values to represent token weights.
  • Target Weight - The weight that a pool's controller has determined a token should eventually have, and which swaps will move the token towards. Used interchangeably with "desired weight".
  • Initialized - Used to describe whether a pool owns a sufficient amount of a token to cover the minimum weight1.
    • Note: this is distinct from "pool initialization", which acts in the place of a constructor.
  • Portfolio - The basket of assets held by a pool.
  • Portfolio Composition - The makeup of a portfolio, particularly with regard to the weights of each token.
  • Underlying Tokens - The tokens held by a pool.
  • Index Tokens - Liquidity provider tokens for a pool. These represent ownership of the underlying assets in a pool.
  • Rebalance - The process of changing the composition of an index pool.
  • Re-weigh - The process of re-assigning the target weights of the current desired tokens in an index pool.
  • Re-index - The process of re-assigning both the desired tokens in an index pool and their target weights.