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Hi there, and welcome to the Indexed docs! As this is probably the first page you've clicked on, hopefully we'll be able to answer any initial questions you may have here.

This is an evolving document, and we'll be adding/editing it as questions come to the fore.

If you want to see something added here - come to our Discord and ask us!

Last update: 1 August 2021

The Indexed Platform

The purpose of Indexed Finance is to provide financial products that help users gain diversified exposure to the various market sectors or groupings within the cryptocurrency space: primarily on Ethereum, although we intend to eventually branch out to synthetics and wrapped assets across different blockchains.

By providing these instruments, we aim to enable exposure to the wider cryptocurrency market to those who are interested in the sector but do not have the time or inclination to research which projects are worthy of their attention, or separate the signals from the noise in the wider market. They are intended to act as 'set and forgets' for the more passive market participant.

At present we offer two distinct - but overlapping - products: index tokens, which represent portfolios of assets in various market sectors that are automatically reweighted and rebalanced over time, and Nirn - a collection of yield aggregator vaults that can have their assets split across several different lending protocols at once in order to maximise returns.

The nTokens that are issued by Nirn vaults will - eventually - be phased into our index token pools, turning them into yield-bearing indices.

The NDX Token

The NDX token is - at present - a pure governance token (as a fork of UNI), intended for people who wish to participate in determining the direction of the Indexed platform as it evolves by way of voting on proposals brought forward by the DAO (either for or against).

Such decisions include -

  • Adding or removing tokens from the candidate list of an index,

  • Adjusting the performance fee or reserve ratio of vaults,

  • How to spend assets within the Indexed DAO treasury...

  • and more!

Can I Stake NDX Tokens?

Not at present, however we're working on introducing dNDX, a dividend-bearing variant of NDX that can be acquired by staking NDX for a variable period of time. Once this mechanism is live, staking NDX will entitle you to a share of protocol revenue generated by our indices and vaults.

More details on the proposal to do so can be viewed here.

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