Indexed Finance
Who We Are
While Indexed Finance as a whole is a protocol that is governed by a DAO - allowing its members to be as open about their identities as they are comfortable with - it is perhaps useful to know who the core contributors are, their experience, and what functions they fulfil.
We do not believe that the Indexed site is the best place to advertise specific identities - as this implies that Indexed is a startup rather than a DAO -, however we feel it's important that the community know who is actively contributing to the project, so this page provides some information about those whose hands are closest to the gears.
Our team is small, but we're open about wanting to grow. If you feel that you - or someone that you know - would fit into a role that we're currently missing or lacking in, come introduce yourself on Discord and join us!



Dillon Kellar

    Role: Protocol Founder, Solidity Developer
    Twitter: @d1ll0nk
    Experience: Created L2 blockchains with Interstate Network and Dharma.
    Day-To-Day: working on all Solidity contracts underpinning protocol.
    Discord: d1ll0n#8888

Dr Laurence E. Day

    Role: Operations/Communications
    Twitter: @laurence_e_day
    Experience: PhD compsci, MSc thesis on index optimisation, ex-TradFi risk analytics, ex-CRO at startup funded by Consensys and Algorand.
    Day-To-Day: documentation, announcements, research, technical assistance, protocol maintenance.
    Discord: Norsefire#1311

Connor Bryan

    Role: Front-end (React) Engineer
    Twitter: [none]
    Experience: ex-MyCrypto principal architect.
    Day-To-Day: integrating protocol updates into UI, implementing community suggestions.
    Discord: outruncolors#5456


Ryan Austin

    Role: Graphics Designer/Index Competition Maintainer
    Twitter: @Austinography
    Discord: Austinography#6386


Emanuel (Lito) Coen

    Role: Marketing/Head of Indexed Growth Committee
    Twitter: @litocoen
    Experience: ex-growth at Paypal and SatoshiPay, current growth at Hop Protocol.
    Discord: litocoen#7160

Associated [Past And Present]

Sigma Committee [Liquidity/Asset Monitoring]

Dr Fabio Nery

    Discord: fnery#4202


    Discord: tei#6148


    Discord: glueeater#0638

'Champagne Pampi'

    Discord: CHAMPAGNE PAMPI#9878

Growth Committee

Nathan Sexer

    Discord: [unknown]


    Discord: Buck#7923


    Discord: Kuza#7406


    Discord: CriptoSpanglish#1623



    Role: Protocol Cofounder, Angel Investor
    Status: periodic advice, no current day-to-day involvement.

Samuel Gosling

    Role: Initial UI Developer
    Status: no current day-to-day involvement.

Gilles Barnier

    Role: Solidity Developer
    Status: no current day-to-day involvement.

Julien Bouteloup

    Role: Technical Advisor, StakeDAO Point Of Contact
    Status: no current day-to-day involvement.
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